Are all Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (AATA) indexed in the BCIN database?
All of AATA from Volume 6, 1966 to Volume 34 1997 should appear in BCIN. Some citations may be missing due to scanning error (scanning of the hard copy was done for volumes from 1966 to the mid 1980s). None of the special subject supplements have been entered.

Prior to 1966, the publication was entitled IIC Abstracts (Volume 1-5, 1955-1965) - all of these citations are in BCIN. Although the publication Abstracts of Technical Studies in Art and Archaeology (1943-1952) has not been entered into BCIN, Technical Studies in the Field of Fine Arts (1932-1942) citations have.

The Getty Conservation Institute will launch a new electronic service providing all of AATA on the Web by June 2002. Volumes 35 and 36 will be available only in hard copy until then.

For further information about AATA Online please contact the AATA Online office at the Getty Conservation Institute at
       How do I obtain documents that I find in a BCIN search?
If you have access to a library (public, university, museum, etc.) ask your librarian to help you locate the documents.

You or your library, if needed, may request photocopies of articles, conference papers or chapters of books cited in BCIN, directly from the contributing libraries/documentation centres. Most contributors charge for this service. To view policies, fees and contact information for the contributors, click on Document Delivery on the BCIN home page. It is more difficult to obtain books; each institution has a policy about the loan of books.

Each database citation displays a 'Location of document' field if one or more of the contributors has the document in its collection. If you are not familiar with the abbreviations, check the List of Contributors on the BCIN home page.

If AATA (Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts) is cited as the originator of a record, but no locations are listed, check with your library to find out how you may obtain the document. You may also check with contributors in case they have the document, but have not listed it in BCIN.
       I can't find the MCIN (Conservation Materials) and ACIN (Conservation Suppliers) databases
       on the CIN Web site. Are they still available?

MCIN and ACIN were created by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) as part of the Conservation Information Network (CIN) project originally funded by the Getty Conservation Institute. CIN, made up of three conservation related databases (ACIN--suppliers, MCIN--materials and BCIN--bibliographic) was released to the public in 1987. Since 1987, each contributing partner has had various changes in priorities and resources. Unfortunately, the partners have not been able to maintain all three of the original databases and have concentrated their efforts on the bibliographic resource, BCIN. ACIN and MCIN have not been updated since 1992, and are no longer available.
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