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"Open-air lifestyle at Abu Hamid’s 4th Millennium village; A funny thing happened on the way to the Chalcolithic – Unexpected Middle Bronze Age settlement found at Abu Snessle; Swiss excavate north church at Umm er-Rasas…; … while Italians focus on south; Temple ground-plan partly reconstructed at Sabra; Bygone luxury at ez-Zara: Pools, rich plaster works adorn maritime at Kallirrhoe; Epipalaeolithic campers leave Wadi Hesban not as clean as thy found it; Lithics, lithics, and… more lithics: rich find at Wadi el-Hammah; Monastery and Church of St. Lot found in Jordan Valley?; Bronze-Iron Age deposits at Fahl; Remains of ancient sugar industry resurface at Tell Abu Sarbut; Probing the beginnings of pyrotechnology in the Araba; Fine buildings, woven cloth, copper-ore-ornaments; The computer age catches up with ancient chisellers; Nabataeans earn A in theory of Hellenistic architecture, C in application; Merchants, the Sea Gate, to your right; Pilgrims straight ahead to Mecca Gate" (Bisheh, Ghazi;Khouri, Tami G.;Abbadi, Kay - Rédacteur) (December 1990)


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