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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Torresi, Antonio P.
Title Article/Chapter: "L'Ottocento da riscoprire: Raffaele Armando Califano Mundo pittore e trattatista napoletano"
Title Translated English: "Rediscovering the 19th century: Raffaele Armando Califano Mundo, Neapolitan painter and essayist"
Title of Source: Kermes
AATA Number: 32-785
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 20
Date of Publication: 1994
Page Numbers: 17-26
Collation: 9 figs.
Language Text: Italian
Language Summaries: English
References: 16 refs.
Subject Keywords English: art history; Italy (Naples); Mundo, Raffaele Armando Califano (1857-1930)
Subject Label: Paint and paintings
Abstract: Raffaele Armando Califano Mundo, painter and essayist (1857-1930), is one of the most interesting though little known characters in Italian art from the last century. Gifted with deep sensitivity and a vast technical and artistic knowledge, Mundo published various essays from 1910 on; other works of his were printed only after his death in Naples in 1930. Precious testimony passed on to us from the artist on the process of painting during the 19th and 20th centuries is of great interest to restorers who, thanks to this information, are thus able to analyze the various phases of execution of a painting and, as a result, to act upon such artworks in the best possible way and at just the right moment to help them battle time.
Originating Institution: AATA
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Old BCIN Number: 202347
BCIN Number: 144526