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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Toombs, H.A.; Rixon, A.E.
Title Article/Chapter: "The use of plastics in the "transfer method" of preparing fossils"
Title of Source: The museums journal
Volume Number: 50
Issue Number: 5
Date of Publication: September 1950
Page Numbers: 105-107
Language Text: English
Subject Keywords English: Fossil, analysis; Fossil, examination -- ICCROM
Subject Keywords French: Fossile, analyse; Fossile, examen; Fossile, conservation; specimen, histoire naturelle preparation;
Subject Keywords English 2: Fossil, conservation; specimen, natural history preparation -- ICCROM
Subject Material Test: Marco resin s. b. 26c; Marco resin sb 26 c;
Abstract: Plastics give a transparent backing for vertebrate fossils enable much larger specimens to be prepared and in general simplify the preparation of all specimens by the transfer method. The author recommends the use of marco resin sb 26c. The trandfer of the dentary of an eugnathid fish from a calcareous rock to plastic is described.
Originating Institution: ICCROM
Location of Document: ICCROM;MCI
ICCROM Shelf: Per. g.b 6/A 48 2;A 48/5
MCI Accession Number: 13195
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Old BCIN Number: 19542
BCIN Number: 18013