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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Reissland, Birgit
Title Article/Chapter: "Visible progress of paper degradation caused by iron gall inks"
Title of Source: The iron gall ink meeting, Newcastle upon Tyne, 4th & 5th September 2000: postprints
Publisher/Distributor: University of Northumbria
Publisher/Distributor City: Newcastle upon Tyne
Publisher/Distributor Country: United Kingdom
Date of Publication: 2000
Page Numbers: 67-72
ISBN: 0-9541165-0-X
Language Text: English
Language Summaries: eng; German; French
References: 9 bibliog. refs.
Meeting Name: Iron gall ink meeting: triennial conservation conference (1)
Meeting Country: United Kingdom
Meeting Date: 20000904-20000905
Subject Keywords English: Paper; Deterioration; Ink; Corrosion; Iron gall ink; Analysis; Examination
Subject Keywords French: Papier; Altération; Encre; Corrosion; Encre métallogallique; Analyse; Examen
Abstract: Due to the degradative effect of iron gall inks, paper documents written with them change their appearance over time. Visual examination of a wide range of originals showed that the appearance of the ink, as well as of the paper support, can vary significantly: there are differences in the colour of the ink, halos have formed around some ink lines, the paper on the verso is often brown discoloured beneath the inked areas on the recto and some inks have faded or support crystalline deposits on their surfaces. Research has shown that the visible progress of ink corrosion is similar for all examined originals, as well as for test papers which I have been artificially aged. In order to illustrate this process, a model has been developed showing the cross-section of an iron gall inked paper during its ageing process. In order to facilitate decision-making concerning preservation, a condition rating system has been developed for objects written or drawn in iron gall ink. A classification system incorporating four condition ratings allows a fast and easy evaluation of the condition of an object. Advice for storage, handling and the treatment of artefacts is provided alongside the condition rating.
Originating Institution: ICCROM
Location of Document: ICCROM;MCI
ICCROM Shelf: XIV E 10
MCI Accession Number: 35704
Literature Type: Monograph:Proceedings
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
BCIN Number: 198873