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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Kolar, Jana; Strlic, Matija
Title Article/Chapter: "Stabilisation of ink corrosion"
Title of Source: The iron gall ink meeting, Newcastle upon Tyne, 4th & 5th September 2000: postprints
Publisher/Distributor: University of Northumbria
Publisher/Distributor City: Newcastle upon Tyne
Publisher/Distributor Country: United Kingdom
Date of Publication: 2000
Page Numbers: 135-140
ISBN: 0-9541165-0-X
Language Text: English
Language Summaries: eng; German; French
References: 17 bibliog. refs.
Meeting Name: Iron gall ink meeting: triennial conservation conference (1)
Meeting Country: United Kingdom
Meeting Date: 20000904-20000905
Subject Keywords English: Ink; Iron gall ink; Deterioration; Corrosion; Conservation; Stabilization; Deacidification; Aqueous cleaning; Aqueous dacidification; Test; Accelerated ageing
Subject Keywords French: Encre; Encre métallogallique; Altération; Corrosion; Conservation; Stabilisation; Désacidification; Nettoyage aqueux; Essai; Vieillissement accéléré; Désacidification aqueuse
Subject Material Test: Calcium ammonium phytate; Phytate; Calcium carbonate
Abstract: The corrosive properties of iron gall ink, historically the most important writing and drawing ink, present a growing threat to paper based cultural heritage. The two well known mechanisms leading to depolymerisation of iron gall ink containing paper are acid hydrolysis and autoxidation. Therefore, a successful stabilisation of ink corrosion should involve deacidification and addition of appropriate antioxidants. While deacidification solutions have existed for some time, stabilisation of oxidative degradation catalysed by iron have only recently been attempted by the use of preventive antioxidant, iron chelating agent phytate. However, although it is a potent stabiliser of iron catalysed degradation, some other catalytic metal ions (e.g. copper), which are also present in historical iron gall inks, remain largely unaffected. With this in mind a research project aiming at the development of aqueous and non-aqueous stabilisation treatment for paper containing a variety of catalytic metal ions was started. Thed project; s progress is reported.
Originating Institution: ICCROM
Location of Document: ICCROM
ICCROM Shelf: XIV E 10
Literature Type: Monograph:Proceedings
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
BCIN Number: 198882