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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Crank, J.
Title of Source: The mathematics of diffusion
Edition: 2nd edition
Publisher/Distributor: Clarendon Press
Publisher/Distributor City: Oxford
AATA Number: 23-139
Date of Publication: 1979
Collation: 414 p.
Language Text: English
Availability: pound sterling 9.95
Subject Label: General Treatment Procedures, Materials, and Equipment
Abstract: This book requires a sophisticated mathematics background. It should prove useful for the perfection of models relating to the transport of liquids and vapors through porous media, processes which, in part, are diffusion. -- AATA
Originating Institution: AATA
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Monograph
Bibliographic Level: Monographic
Old BCIN Number: 34502
BCIN Number: 25972