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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Wintle, A.G.; Aitken, M.J.
Title Article/Chapter: "Thermoluminescence dating of burnt flint: application to a Lower Paleolithic site, Terra Amata"
Title of Source: Archaeometry
AATA Number: 15-59
Volume Number: 19
Issue Number: 2
Date of Publication: July 1977
Page Numbers: 111-130
Language Text: English
Ancillary Data: Part 2 -- ICCROM
Subject Keywords English: Dating, thermoluminescence ICCROM
Subject Keywords French: Datation, thermoluminescence
Subject Label: Analysis
Subject Geographic Area: Europe, france, terra amata nice
Abstract: The date of burning obtained for two flints from the 25m raised beach (level Cla) at the Paleolithic site of Terra Amata, Nice is 230, 00040,000 B.P. (Ox TL 195a). The thermoluminescence measurements were made on thin slices cut from the flints: a total absorption technique was used for the evaluation of alpha sensitivity and this necessitated measurement of optical transparency. In evaluating beta sensitivity with a radioisotope source due allowance was made for the build-up of dose-rate with depth in the slice. Altogether eight flints were studied but despite visual appearances six of them were found to have been insufficiently burnt for erasure of the geological thermoluminescence. -- AATA
Originating Institution: AATA
Location of Document: MCI;ICCROM
ICCROM Shelf: Per. grande-bretagne 12
MCI Accession Number: 3704
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Old BCIN Number: 86715
BCIN Number: 51437