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Author: Van Asperen de Boer, J.R.J.; Schoute, R. van; Garrido, Maria del Carmen; Cabrera Garrido, JosÚ Maria
Title Article/Chapter: "Algunas cuestiones tÚcnicas del Descendimiento de la Cruz de Roger van der Weyden"
Title Translated English: "Some technical questions about the "Descent from the Cross" of Roger van der Weyden"
Title of Source: Boletin del Museo del Prado
AATA Number: 26-2042
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 10
Date of Publication: January 1983 - April 1983
Page Numbers: 39-50
Collation: 20 ill., 1 diagram
Language Text: Spanish
Subject Keywords English: Infrared, reflectography; painting, paint layer analysis; painting, preliminary drawing; painting, wood support examination; painting, wood examination; painting, examination infrared; painting, radiography x ray; ICCROM -- ICCROM
Subject Keywords French: Infrarouge, reflectographie; peinture, couche picturale analyse; peinture, dessin preparatoire; peinture, bois support examen; peinture, bois examen; peinture, examen infrarouge; peinture, radiographie rayon x; J.M.;
Subject Keywords English 2: Weyden, Rogier van der, early Netherlandish painter, 1399 1400-1464 painting Deposition, Madrid (ESP), Museo Nacional del Prado; Madrid (ESP), Museo Nacional del Prado painting Weyden, R. vander, Deposition; conservation and restoration, painting Weyden, R. van der Deposition; radiography painting Weyden, R. van der, Deposition; infrared reflectography painting Weyden, R. van der, Deposition;media and techniques, painting Weyden, R. van der;media and techniques, painting Eyck, J. van;Eyck, Jan van, early Netherlandish painter, ca. 1390-1441 painting Adoration of the Lamb altarpiece, Ghent (BEL), S. Bavo; Ghent (BEL), S. Bavo (cathedral) painting Eyck, J. van, Adoration of the Lamb altarpiece ICCROM -- ICCROM
Subject Keywords English 3: conservation; examination - infra red analysis; x-ray analysis; panel paintings; Spain -- ICOM
Subject Date: 001435AD001435AD
Subject Museums: Museo nacional del Prado, Madrid (Spain);
Subject Person: Roger van der weyden
Abstract: Report on a preliminary scientific examination of one of the very few authenticated paintings by Rogier van der Weyden (Prado, Madrid). A diagram of the panel construction and a photograph of the reverse are illustrated and radiographs discussed. The underdrawing as revealed by infrared reflectography is described. Modifications were mostly carried out in the first layer of underpainting as the x-radiographic image corresponds with the painted surface. Paint cross-sections show usually three layers on top of a flesh-colored intermediate layer. Mary's robe is composed of two thick layers of natural ultramarine and lead white on top of an azurite - a richer build-up, as in the Ghent altarpiece by van Eyck (S. Bavo, Ghent). Further investigation is recommended.
Originating Institution: ICCROM
Location of Document: ICCROM;ICOM
ICCROM Shelf: Per. espagne 7
ICOM Shelf: P:50 M26 P88(4)
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Old BCIN Number: 142796
BCIN Number: 90976