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Conservation Information Network (BCIN)
Author: Harris, J.E.
Title Article/Chapter: "Oxidation induced deformation and fracture"
Title of Source: Advances in Fracture Research (Fracture 84)
Publisher/Distributor: Pergamon
Date of Publication: 1984
Page Numbers: 3791-3811
Language Text: English
References: Includes bibliog. refs.
Meeting Name: Advances in Fracture Research (Fracture 84)
Meeting Location: New Delhi
Meeting Country: India
Meeting Date: 19840000
Abstract: To obtain an understanding of the mechanism of generation of stresses in oxide films, and in substrates, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the diffusional properties of oxide/oxide, oxide/metal and metal/metal interfaces. Oxidation is usually accompanied by a net expansion so that when it occurs in a confined space stresses are generated in the metal component itself or in any surrounding medium such as stone or cement. So much energy is released by oxidation that the stresses generated are of sufficient magnitude to deform or fracture all known materials. This can be very damaging and the process has been termed 'oxide jacking'. It is responsible for three of the most serious materials problems which have been encountered in thermal nuclear reactors. Oxide jacking is also the cause of much damage in 'conventional' engineering components and in many historic buildings and ancient monuments.
Originating Institution: CCI=ICC
Location of Document: CCI=ICC
CCI Shelf: # 9873
Record Type: Abstract
Literature Type: Monograph
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Old BCIN Number: 150351
BCIN Number: 96347