Citation "Diseño de una estrategia analítica para la conservación de información asociada : el caso de los dos complejos alucinógenos"

  • Gili Hanisch, Francisca
  • Espinosa Ipinza, Fernanda
  • Villagrán Piccolini, Álvaro
Title Article/Chapter
Diseño de una estrategia analítica para la conservación de información asociada : el caso de los dos complejos alucinógenos
Title translated English
Creating an analytical strategy for the conservation of associated information : the case of two hallucinogen tablets
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Conserva: revista del Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración
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n. 13
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p. 41-59
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Subject Keywords English
  • Support wood
  • Textile fibre
  • Analysis
  • Conservation
  • Optical microscopy
  • Microchemical analysis
  • X-ray
  • Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Analytical methods
Subject Keywords French
  • Support bois
  • Fibre textile
  • Analyse
  • Conservation
  • Microscopie optique
  • Analyse micro-chimique
  • Rayon X
  • Chromatographie
  • Spectroscopie
  • Méthodes analytiques
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  • Chile
  • Santiago de Chile
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  • Chili
The following article outlines the selection and use of analytical strategies for the study and conservation of two and whitish powder. The methodology used included optical microscopy, histological techniques, thin-layer chromatography, IR spectroscopy, X-rays and micro-chemical analyses. The results indicate the presence of alkaloids as well as plant and camelid fibers. The origin of the wood used to make the tablets could not be determined due to their poor conservation conditions. This information is intended to contribute to the development of methodological bases for the study of similar cases, making them available to the professional community for eventual future researches.hallucinogen tablets belonging to the Regional Museum of Antofagasta, that were sent to the Archaeology Laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración (CNCR). Based on the available bibliographical information, and as a first contextual approach to the pieces, a trans-disciplinary exploratory research was carried out to characterize the components of the snuffing tablets. Four main samples were defined: wood, fiber of unspecified origin, textiles ;(A.A.)
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