Citation "Crónica de la restauración de la Virgen del Carmen de la Parroquia El Sagrario"

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Crónica de la restauración de la Virgen del Carmen de la Parroquia El Sagrario
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Chronicle of the restoration of the Virgen del Carmen in the El Sagrario parish
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Conserva: revista del Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración
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n. 15
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p. 9-17
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  • Support wood
  • Polychrome
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Damage
  • Restoration
  • Recovery
  • Sculpture
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  • Support bois
  • Polychromie
  • Vandalisme
  • Feu
  • Dégât
  • Restauration
  • Récupération
  • Sculpture
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  • Chile
  • Santiago de Chile
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  • Chili
The arson attack perpetrated on the Virgen del Carmen image from El Sagrario Parish, located on one side of the Cathedral of Santiago, was an unprecedented event in Chile. Seriously damaged by the fire, the sculpture was transferred to the Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración where, first of all, it was evaluated to determine whether its restoration was really feasible, and after which it was intervened. As no information was available from other similar cases, a work methodology had to be developed that would allow professionals of different backgrounds to come together and contribute, from their particular area of expertise, to the theoretical, methodological as well as technical aspects of the diagnosis and proposal for the intervention. Because the image is actively worshipped, the challenge of its restoration was even greater since representatives of the Brotherhood of the Virgen del Carmen were actively involved in each one of the processes carried out.;(A.A.)
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