Citation "Estudio y diagnóstico de la materialidad de la Virgen del Carmen"

  • Eisner Sagüés, Federico Ernesto
  • Ossa Izquierdo, María Carolina
Title Article/Chapter
Estudio y diagnóstico de la materialidad de la Virgen del Carmen
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Study and diagnosis of the materiality of the Virgen del Carmen
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Conserva: revista del Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración
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n. 15
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p. 67-83
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  • Religious property
  • Sculpture
  • Polychrome
  • Conservation
  • Analysis
  • Radiography
  • Support wood
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Methodology
  • Technology
  • Recovery
  • Conservation restoration
Subject Keywords French
  • Bien religieux
  • Sculpture
  • Polychromie
  • Conservation
  • Analyse
  • Radiographie
  • Support bois
  • Microscopie électronique à balayage
  • Méthodologie
  • Technologie
  • Récupération
  • Conservation restauration
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  • Chile
  • Santiago de Chile
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  • Chili
This article presents the main arguments that uphold the decision to preserve and restore the structure of the Virgen del Carmen. More than the damage suffered and the evaluation of the technical aspects of the feasibility of its recovery, it was conceptualized as a symbol image, and as such, is visible, sensitive to epiphany; a historical presence and revelation of the eternal Word; a symbolic link of faith with existence, of homeland with an independent State, where the trinomial matter-form-content is revealed as a hierophany of heterogeneous levels and irreducible realities. Such arguments, based on the theology of image and cultural anthropology, contrast and interweave with the contemporary theory of restoration based on the premise made by Muñoz Viñas (2003) on the conceptual, social and cultural metamorphosis that the “objects of Restoration” have undergone over the last decades, forcing the disciplinary ethic and its actors to recognize the participation of different subjectivities in the technical decisions of intervention. These precepts, then, explain the methodological phases that guided the investigation and restoration processes of the Virgen del Carmen of El Sagrario Parish.;(A.A.)
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