Document delivery

After searching the database, you may wish to order materials via interlibrary loan from your local librarian. If your local library cannot obtain the materials from its sources, you or your local librarian may contact the BCIN contributor directly.

Information about contributors who hold the documents cited in BCIN is given in the "Location of document" field. If Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (AATA) is listed as the contributor of the record, the document is not necessarily in the holdings of a BCIN contributor.

Each of the contributing institutions has its own policies about lending materials and photocopying documents. Contact the institutions directly to arrange for a loan or photocopy of their materials.

Canadian Conservation Institute library (CCI)

CCI logo
  1. Loan of books and audiovisual materials

    The CCI library will loan its circulating books and audiovisual material to libraries and heritage institutions in Canada only.


    Canadian libraries and heritage institutions: No charge

  2. Photocopies

    Copies of items such as specified pages from journals, books, and conference proceedings are available, subject to the terms of the Canadian Copyright Act.


    • Canadian clients: No charge
    • Outside Canada: No charge, however our service is limited to those items for which we are the sole international location.

To contact the library

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands - formerly known as the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage(ICN)

To contact the library

Archives, Library and Collections
+31 33 421 7 444

The Getty Research Institute Research Library

GCI logo

To contact the Research Library

Attn: Interlibrary Loan
The Getty Research Institute Research Library
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90049-1688

Telephone: 310-440-7395
Fax: 310-440-7780

ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property)

  1. Loan of books

    In some cases, the ICCROM Library will send materials to requesting libraries via interlibrary loan, depending on the distance of the requesting facility from Rome, the condition and rarity of the book, as well as on-site demand.

    Interlibrary loans are provided for no longer than two weeks. Rare books and journals are unavailable for interlibrary loan. Return of materials must be assured using a registered delivery service with a tracking number (DHL, FedEx, etc.). This number must be communicated to the ICCROM Library by the librarian at the requesting facility.


    ICCROM does not charge for the loan itself. Postage charges will be passed on to the borrower.

  2. Photocopies

    ICCROM will reproduce any reference found in BCIN with an ICCROM location, subject to the limits of copyright legislation. ICCROM does not fax documents.


    0,15 Euro per page (A4 format). Postage will be charged according to weight, distance and specific requests (air mail, courier service, etc.). Prepayment by international money order, Mastercard or Visa is required.

To contact the library:

Via di San Michele, 13
00153 Rome, ITALY

Telephone: +39 06 585 531 ext. 367
Fax: +39 06 585 533 49

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)

  1. Loan of books

    ICOMOS does not lend books.

  2. Photocopies

    ICOMOS will photocopy articles from journals and chapters from books, subject to the limits of copyright legislation. Applications should provide full details of the documents: author(s), title, year, volume or issue number, pages, etc. For each application, a maximum of 10 references will be sent by post. There is no limit for photocopying on site. ICOMOS will fax only short articles (two to three pages).


    0,20 Euros per page (A4 format) Postage will be charged according to weight, distance and specific requests (air mail, courier service, etc.).

    Payment options:

    • Cash (on-site visitors only)
    • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express)
    • Bank transfer

To contact the Documentation Centre

11 rue du Séminaire de Conflans
94 220 Charenton-le-Pont

Telephone: +33 (0) 1 41 94 17 59

Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

LAC logo
  1. Loans

    Library and Archives Canada will not lend material from the PHOCUS (photographic conservation literature) collection.

  2. Photocopies

    Requests from other libraries and documentation centres for copies of items such as specified pages from journals, books, reports and conference proceedings will be filled subject to the terms of the Canadian Copyright Act.

Placing an order

When contacting Reference Services about your request, please include the full bibliographic reference (author[s], title, source document, date and page numbers) of the item requested, its BCIN number and the LAC shelf number.

To contact LAC

Library and Archives Canada
Reference Services Section
395 Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4

Telephone: 613-996-5115 or 1-866-578-7777 (toll-free in Canada and the US)
TTY: 613-992-6969 or 1-866-299-1699 (toll-free in Canada)

Museum Conservation Institute

(formerly Conservation Analytical Laboratory - CAL and Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education- SCMRE)

MCI logo
  1. Loan of books

    MCI does not hold books within its own collection. Books noted as MCIMSC or MCISI in the "SCMRE Accession No." field are available through interlibrary loan from:

    Smithsonian Institution Libraries
    Central Reference and Loans Service
    NHB 27
    Washington, D.C. 20560

    Telephone: 202-357-2139
    Fax: 202-786-2443

  2. Photocopy of articles

    MCI does not supply reprints for items easily obtainable through libraries (such as the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, Studies in Conservation, etc.)

    MCI limits its assistance to museums, closely related museum and conservation organizations, conservation professionals and conservation students.

    MCI will send articles by mail or fax, as requested.


    MCI does not charge for photocopying or shipping articles at this time.

To contact MCI

Museum Conservation Institute
4210 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746

Telephone: 301-238-1224
Fax: 301-238-3709

UNESCO-ICOM Information Centre (ICOM)

ICOM logo
  1. Loan of books

    ICOM does not lend books.

  2. Photocopies

    ICOM will photocopy articles from publications issued by ICOM and its committees, subject to the limits of copyright legislation. They will make copies for both members and non-members.

    They will not fax articles.


    • 0,15 EUR per page (ICOM members)
    • 0,30 EUR per page (Non-members)

    Postage will be charged according to the direct cost of mailing. Normally materials are sent by regular mail with 1 EUR added for handling. Air mail requests must be specified and are charged accordingly.

    A limit of six references will be sent by mail for any request. There is no limit for photocopying on-site, but photocopies may not be made of complete monographs or periodicals.

To contact the Library

UNESCO-ICOM Information Centre
Maison de l’UNESCO
1 rue Miollis
75732 Paris, Cedex 15

Telephone: +33 1 47 34 05 00
Fax: +33 1 43 06 78 62

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