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Georgerobinsonite, pb4(CrO4)2(OH)2FCI, a new chromate mineral from the mammoth - St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Pinal County, Arizona: description and crystal structure
  • Cooper, Mark A., Neil A. Ball, Frank C. Hawthorne, Werner H. Paar, Andrew C. Roberts and Elizabeth Moffatt
Renewing the past: pressure mounting a large severely fragmented silk flag
  • Vuori, Jan
  • Dancause, Renée
  • Michalski, Stefan
Dye and mordant analysis of nineteenth-century Mexican sarapes
  • Poulin, Jennifer
  • Duguay, Dominique
New Approaches to Digital Strategy in the 21st Century
  • Bratt, Chris
la fluorescenza ultravioletta nella diagnostica applicata ai beni culturali
  • Ruggiero, Daniele
The degradation of poly(vinyl acetate) as a material for design objects: A multi-analytical study of the Cocoon lamps. Part 2
  • Toja, F., Saviello, D., Nevin, A., Comelli, D., Lazzari, M., Valentini, G., Toniolo, L
Delocalized free electron densities in degraded polystyrene and polypropylene macroradicals: The source of different photooxidation rates
  • Shyichuk, A., Melnyk, D., White, J. R.
Biosurfactant (Rhamnolipid) Sorption and the Impact on Rhamnolipid- Facilitated Removal of Cadmium from Various Soils under Saturated Flow Conditions
  • Torrens, J. L., Herman, D. C., Miller-Maier, R. M.
The degradation of poly(vinyl acetate) as a material for design objects: A multi-analytical study of the effect of dibutyl phthalate plasticizer. Part 1
  • Toja, F., Saviello, D., Nevin, A., Comelli, D., Lazzari, M., Levi, M., Toniolo, L.
Plastic matters: an analytical procedure to evaluate the degradability of contemporary works of art
  • Lazzari, M., Ledo-Suárez, A., López, T., Scalarone, D., López- Quintela, M. A
Photooxidation mechanisms of styrenic polymers
  • Gardette, J. L., Mailhot, B., Lemaire, J.
Physicochemical Characterization of Acrylamide/Bisacrylamide Hydrogels and Their Application for the Conservation of Easel Paintings
  • Pizzorusso, G., Fratini, E., Eiblmeier, J., Giorgi, R., Chelazzi, D., Chevalier, A., Baglioni, P.
Nanomaterials in art conservation
  • Baglioni, P., Carretti, E., Chelazzi, D.
Artificial and natural weathering of ABS
  • Santos, R. M., Botelho, G. L., Machado, A. V.
New simple procedure to produce white lead for special use in the plastic arts and in restoration
  • Pérez-Villares, Nuria
  • Bailon-Moreno, Rafael
Oxidative degradation of polystyrene
  • Beachell, Harold C.
  • Smiley, Lenoard H.
Metal-Microbe Interactions: Contemporary Approaches
  • Beveridge, T. J., Hughes, M. N., Lee, H., Leung, K. T., Poole, R. K., Savvaidis, I., Trevors, J. T.
  • Robert K. Poole
Terpenoid composition and origin of amber from the Cape York Peninsula, Australia
  • Sonibare, O. O., Agbaje, O. B., Jacob, D. E., Faithfull, J., Hoffmann, T., Foley, S. F
Electrochemical reduction of ferric corrosion products and evaluation of galvanic coupling with iron
  • Lair, V., Antony, H., Legrand, L., Chausse, A
Energy retrofits in historic and traditional buildings: A review of problems and methods
  • Webb, Amanda L.
Characterization of indoor air quality in different archives – Possible implications for books and manuscripts
  • Mašková, L., Smolík, J., Durovic, M
Decorated bronze beakers from Iran
  • Muscarella, Oscar White
From Damascus to Denia: scientific analysis of three groups of Fatimid period metalwork
  • Ponting, Matthew J.
Investigating the DMPO-formate spin trapping method for the study of paper iron gall ink corrosion
  • Gimat, A., Kasneryk, V., Dupont, A. L., Paris, S., Averseng, F., Fournier, J., Rouchon, V
Comparison of chalcocite dissolution in the sulfate, perchlorate, nitrate, chloride, ammonia, and cyanide systems
  • Fisher, W.W.
Indoor corrosion of Pb: Effect of formaldehyde concentration and relative humidity investigated by Raman microscopy
  • Puglieri, T. S., de Faria, D. L., Cavicchioli, A.
Indoors lead corrosion: Reassessing the role of formaldehyde
  • De Faria, D. L., Cavicchioli, A., Puglieri, T. S
New Evaluation Method for the Lightfastness of Colored Papers by Radiant Energy
  • Kim, Hoon
  • Kim, Hong-Bum
Self-Replicating Cracks: A Collaborative Fracture Mode in Thin Films
  • Marthelot, J., Roman, B., Bico, J., Teisseire, J., Dalmas, D., Melo, F.
Time-Temperature-Age Viscoelastic Behavior of Commercial Polymer Blends and Felt Filled Polymers
  • Barbero, E. J., Julius, M. J.
Non-linear decay of building stones during freeze–thaw weathering processes
  • Martínez-Martínez, J., Benavente, D., Gomez-Heras, M., Marco- Castaño, L., García-del-Cura, M. Á
The physics of paper
  • Alava, Mikko
  • Niskanen, Kaarlo
Theoretical derivation of the WLF- and annealing equations
  • Van der Put, T. A. C. M.
Elastic properties of collagen in bone determined by measuring the Debye–Waller factor
  • Sasaki, N., Shirakawa, H., Nozoe, T., Furusawa, K.
A new constitutive equation for the long-term creep of polymers based on physical aging
  • Zheng, S. F., Weng, G. J.
Poromechanics of freezing materials
  • Coussy, Oliver
Service Performance of Polymeric Materials: Prediction from Short- term Tests
  • Brostow, Witold, D'souza, N. A., Kubat, J., Maksimov, R. D.
Internal Stresses Caused by Outflow of Moisture and Phase Change Inside Dried Material
  • Musielak, Grzegorz
Wavelength sensitivity of AATCC Blue wool lightfastness standards under light radiation
  • Hattori, H., Yoshizumi, K., Crews, P. C
NMR Study of Water-Filled Pores in One of the Most Widely Used Polymeric Material: The Paper
  • Capitani, D., Proietti, N., Ziarelli, F., Segre, A. L
Physical aging of thin glassy polymer films: Free volume interpretation
  • Huang, Y., Wang, X., & Paul, D. R.
Relationship of indoor and outdoor air pollutants in a naturally ventilated historical building envelope
  • López-Aparicio, S., Smolík, J., Mašková, L., Soucková, M., Grøntoft, T., Ondrácková, L., Stankiewicz, J.
Smart preserving of cultural heritage with PACT-ART
  • Mousheimish, R., Taher, Y., Zeitouni, K., Dubus, M.
Wavelength sensitivity in polymer photodegradation
  • Andrady, Anthony L.
Creep and physical aging of composites
  • Sullivan, J.L.
Surface area and water vapor sorption of macrocrystalline cellulose
  • Zografi, G., Kontny, M. J., Yang, A. Y. S., Brenner, G. S.
Freezing Phenomena in Adsorbed Water as Studied by NMR
  • Overloop, K., Vangerven, L
Influence of Chloride Solution Concentration on Deicer Salt Scaling Deterioration of Concrete
  • Marchand, J., Pigeon, M., Bager, D., & Talbot, C.
Photoyellowing of mechanical pulp. Part 1: examining the wavelength sensitivity of light induced yellowing using monochromatic radiation
  • Andray, A. L., Song, Y., Parthasarathy, V. R., Fueki, K., & Toriaki, A
Changes in water absorption and modulus of elasticity of flexible printed circuit board materials in high humidity testing
  • Lahokallio, S., Saarinen, K., & Frisk, L.

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